I have a client named Jean who is genetically predisposed to being overweight. I have met her parents, one twin brother, and two sisters.. All are severely overweight except for Jean. Throughout her adult life, up until about age 40, Jean was also overweight. While everyone else in her family had resigned themselves to being overweight, Jean decided to take some action against her genetics. Realizing that it was an uphill battle and the cards were stacked against her, she attacked her weight issue with determination and unwavering focus. After one year, Jean lost 80 pounds by making a complete lifestyle change. She did not utilize a formal diet plan but learned how to prepare and eat in a healthy way for a better quality of life. And a better quality of life she does have and so do her husband and three children. All are very fit, run 5 and 10k’s regularly, resistance train, and cycle. NO ONE IN HER IMMEDIATE FAMILY IS OBESE. Jean altered her genetic conditioning and most likely her children’s and husband’s as well. And you can too. Many of us may have some cards stacked against us, it is true. We can change our whole lives and the future of our families if we become determined to change the hands we have been dealt. “It is not the hand your are dealt but how you play the hand.” BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!



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