We are so blessed to witness so many people changing their lives by changing the way they approach health. Many of us struggle with one or more things that have been barriers to our best health, functioning, and fulfillment. But by eliminating or approaching differently the barriers that used to sabotage them, these individuals are experiencing health and fulfillment many never thought possible!


When Dave first arrived, he had limited range of motion in his legs and shoulders. He was experiencing joint and limb pain and at 65 had lost significant strength. He also had suffered a heart attack a few months earlier and required a triple bypass. Despite these barriers, Dave has made miraculous changes. He has lost weight, gained muscle, and now experiences minimal if any joint or limb pain.He has full range of motion in all limbs and now does gardening and other things he could not do because of his prior lack of mobility. And he reported this past week that his heart is functioning healthier than it has in years. HIS HEART HAS IMPROVED! HIS WHOLE BEING HAS IMPROVED! Congratulations Dave for changing your life!


Cris began resistance training with extreme shoulder and knee pain which limited her strength and ability to perform many things.She began with very light weights and performed all exercises in a safe and disciplined way. After just a little over a year, Cris now has ZERO pain and has increased her strength in all areas. And at 61 she is stronger than she has been in decades. She can even do traditional push-ups! It has been a truly inspirational experience to watch Cris change so much! Thank you!


Joan began resistance training a little over a year ago after battling mononucleosis for several months. Her doctor told her not to do any exercise and as a result she lost all of her physical strength. Joan could not stand up from a chair without major effort. But she did not lose the strength that has helped her overcome barriers from cancer to the loss of loved ones. She did not lose her inner strength and resilience! A year later Joan has made tremendous strength changes and is able to do things she could not for years. She is healthier and stronger at age 75 than many people years younger. And she continues to improve. Thank you Joan for your work and great example of how to change!

And you can too! All you have to do is believe it can be done and persevere. Like those I mentioned we all have barriers. Please know that you can also overcome or manage differently anything you struggle with. Begin as soon as possible. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!


Struggling With Barriers? Look At These Three Overcomers!

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