I have struggled with so many things in my life. Depression, anxiety, multiple addictions, eating disorders, low self-esteem, obesity, poor physical health, and under achieving to name a few. And as a man in a small, all knowing judgmental town I did not know how or where to get the help I needed. I had witnessed my father and those before him the possess the same struggles as I experienced. I was taught to be tough and to bottle up (literally) what was killing me inside and out. I used to think that everything bad always happens to me and wished for days where every day was a good day. But the day never came for many reasons and it began with the way I experienced problems in the day. When I began to learn that everyone will experience problems daily and that I was not being picked on by life things began to shift for me in a big way. When I learned that I have the skills to deal with the problems in a day, the way that I experienced a day also changed.

Prepare To Respond

The way that I (and all of us) begin the day really matters in our ability to solve problems after long term struggles. Beginning the day by reading how I can be better than I was yesterday, meditating and focusing on my own walk in this life, and exercising for my mind are mandatory ways to begin my day in a healthy way . Proactively taking care of myself helps me to respond to events in the day that challenge me. Knowing that I have healthy skills to work through the day’s challenges are the result of the proactive mornings and the learning that I gained from yesterday’s problems.

If You Struggle

Please understand that if you struggle you are not alone. Most of us struggle with something but it is so important to learn to manage the struggle in a healthy way for Your own well-being. Please begin the day by exercising the mind and body. You can do them both at the same time if you need. Think of ways you will respond to events in the day as you begin the day. Stay mindful of the healthy response you chose and see your own behavior instead of others. Develop a response-ability. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!


A Healthy Response To Struggle

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