I have learned so much in the last year about how our environments and thinking play a role in our health choices. While I still believe in 100% personal responsibility, I am learning to believe more about the importance of surrounding ourselves with people who challenge us and want us to be a better version of ourselves. I see so many people struggle to maintain healthy emotional and physical habits because of work and home environments that continue to sabotage and pressure the individual to engage in unhealthy behaviors. Before you run off and get rid of your family or job though, please understand that it is not their fault because they are just doing what they know. After all change is hard and not everyone is in the same place as you. So what do we do when we have environments that do not support us and even sabotage us? We seek support somewhere else and change the way we respond to the environments that challenge us (if we do not want to change the environment itself). It is important to have coaches, counselors, teachers, mentors, and others in our lives that support us. Please seek out others who have had similar struggles and overcome them. In today’s world you can even do that online.

Most of us have struggled with something and feared the loss of the pleasure we derived from what we struggled with. We fear giving up the food or drink that we struggle with because it gives us comfort. So we should be able to understand how another human may struggle with similar things. It is not our job to change others, just ourselves. Most of them did not sign up for the change, you did. So calmly allow them to be in the place they are and keep moving forward to being a healthier version of yourself. Love them and encourage them to join you and they may eventually. Keep the support outside of the home and job and continue to keep your goals a priority. Believe in yourself and know that you deserve all the things that come from great physical, mental, and emotional health. Know who you are and the strength you have to overcome! BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!


Unhealthy Environments? Here Is A Little Help

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