I absolutely hate feeling miserable today. And I emphasize the word today because for decades I was okay with it. I was fine with doing all of the things that helped me to feel terrible physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I overate and rarely exercised. I smoked, drank,  and used narcotics. I let the outside stuff in the world control the way I thought about the world, the way I reacted to the world, and how I justified my continuous struggle. I surrounded myself with people who did not challenge me to improve and prayed for God to heal me without doing my own part. Everything was driven to make me miserable and to stay that way. But I hated it and still do today. The difference is now that I recognize that it is me and the daily decisions I make are the way to either misery or fulfillment. When I wake up and cultivate self-awareness, exercise, eat mindfully, serve others with love, live with gratitude, and seek honest feedback from another, life is bursting with fulfillment and peace. I like fulfillment and peace and I hope you do too. If you struggle with something you need to overcome, please take the action necessary to manage it in a healthy way one day at a time. Seek help if you need it. I did. It can start with today. No one understands struggle more than I and believe me it is better on the other side. Please,  BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!



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