There are many topics that I discuss with you about health and most do not include diet or exercise. Although diet and exercise are vital to our health if done in a healthy way, there are many who struggle with getting on or staying on a healthy lifestyle program for more than a short time. I believe that most of us know that exercise and having boundaries with food is necessary to great long term health, so I try to address the struggle that many go through to stay on a health focused lifestyle plan. Today I want to address the subject of living with conscious intent when it comes to our health.

The Voice In Our Head

That little voice inside our head is the biggest obstacle to staying on track with exercise and nutrition habits. The people that I see who struggle to keep the commitment to healthy habits will feed the talk that sabotages the goal. “I’m too tired,” “I don’t feel up to it today,” and “I can make it up tomorrow” are just of the few of the self-sabotaging internal conversations that people report as they struggle. This sabotaging conversation with ourselves is often a decades, old habit that we agree to and becomes automatic without ever a question or debate from us. We go along with anything that the saboteur voice wants and we have done it for a long time. I struggled with this for years and did not even have the awareness that I was doing it. And awareness of self sabotaging talk is truly the key to overcoming the struggle you have with staying on track with your health practices. . .

Becoming Conscious With Your Health Habits

Self awareness and consciousness are so important to every aspect of our lives. Whether it is money management, the way we communicate, healthy food choices, or staying on an exercise program, conscious intention is vital to our success. Tons of research has shown that having a financial plan, food plan, exercise plan, and even communication plan will lead to a more successful outcome than not having a plan at all. But if you plan to exercise tomorrow and sabotage the plan with self-talk the next morning, then the plan is no good. It is vital to execute the plan NO MATTER WHAT and to feed the conversation with yourself that creates successful outcomes for you. It takes practice and a “one day at a time” mindset but when you learn through self awareness that you can do what you struggle not to do, the struggle becomes less and less. My client Jacqi is a perfect example of this. Jacqi has been a good friend of mine for 20 years. For the whole time I’ve known her, I have tried to talk her into exercising, with little impact. This is because I could never talk her into something that the self-saboteur could so easily and automatically talk her out of. When Jacqi began to address the way she communicated with herself when it came to exercise, everything changed. Today, after not exercising for most of her life, Jacqi is among the most consistent people in the gym training. And when I mean consistent I mean she has not missed a single exercise session since December of 2015. Four days a week for almost 19 months! She feels so much better about herself and exercise and it begins each day with intentional consciousness and self-awareness of what she is saying to herself when it comes to exercise. She still does not love it but her internal conversation is directed to success not sabotage. She has become miraculous!

Be Your Own Miracle!

If you struggle to stay on a healthy exercise and nutrition plan, please examine the conversation you have with yourself when it comes to self-sabotage. Feed and cultivate the conversation that creates success for you. You can overcome anything with the right words. Start with your own. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!


Help With Mastering The Self Saboteur

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