I grew up in a home where resentments were common. We lived in a small town where certain jobs, people’s children, and religions were favored and I was conditioned to be resentful toward them. I held onto these resentments for years and still battle them on occasion, even though I have not lived in the town for 24 years. It drove much of my addiction behavior, depression, and aided greatly in my unhealthy mental and physical functioning. I was miserable physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. I had no idea at the time how much damage I was doing to myself but more and more research is showing the damage that resentments can do to our physical health.

Resentments and Our Physical Body

I heard once, “When we harbor anger and resentment against another, we are only harming ourselves.” This could not be truer. Research conducted in recent years shows how much resentment can actually harm us. Heart disease, cancers, organ disease, brain disorders, immune system, and even bone health are all impacted by resentments. When we are angry for a long period of time, we release chemicals, hormones, and toxins into our body that are harmful to every part of us. Resentments lead to more physical disabilities over time and less fulfillment, happiness, and a lower functioning life.

Ending the Resentment

The importance of letting go of resentments and anger quickly cannot be overstated. If you say “I don’t care, they did me wrong” you will end up being the one who suffers. It is so important in our lives to understand we have control over the way we respond to life events, people, and organizations that may have not been fair with us. From my experience, most of the time it is our beliefs about being done wrong that is the biggest obstacle. Focus on your own behavior, the way you communicate, and allow others to be who they are. Manage yourself by doing things in your life that bring you fulfillment and happiness. Serving others, staying busy with creative projects, and focusing on the gifts in life you are grateful for are ways to help to manage resentments. It is a daily work and so important to our lives. Be wise with your health today. Be forgiving. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!




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