Miracles of Phoenix Fitness, the leader in healthy exercise and lifestyle transformation, has openings for gym, home, and online clients. We offer safe but effective exercise programs for people of all ages, fitness backgrounds, and health histories. Our environment is the most welcoming and nonjudgmental in the industry and our exercise programs are EXTREMELY effective and minimize your risk for injury. We eliminate barriers and help you achieve the health you desire:

  • No appointment necessary: Gym appointments often get canceled or create anxiety if there is a late work meeting, heavy traffic, or other unplanned occurrence. We provide you individual exercise instruction when you can.
  • Price options for any budget: Miracles Fitness eliminates the money barrier with individual exercise instruction sessions starting as low as $80 a month (unlimited number of sessions
  • Online and home exercise instruction: If you cannot make it to the gym and live in Maricopa County,  we will come to you and provide the same high quality exercise programs that people in our gym receive. If you live outside of Maricopa County or wish to train at your own gym, our online program is your best choice. We have clients seeing amazing results in California, Washington, Massachusetts, Peoria and Phoenix.  Our prices are the lowest in the business and you can “be your own miracle” wherever you are at.

It does not matter whether you have never set foot in a gym or are advanced with exercise, you will be treated with respect and given a great value for your money. If you need to exercise effectively, safely, and at a price you can afford, please consider Miracles Fitness. We have literally witnessed 100’s of people make miraculous change and you can too! Take the first step! BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!





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