It is nearly mid-September here in Phoenix and the high is expected to reach 108 degrees. Many of us complain about the heat all summer long and “wish it would end soon.” When I ask others how they are, often they respond with “I’m hot and I can’t wait for summer to end.” I myself struggle with the heat and often complain about it as well but find myself questioning the grumbling that I have with the outside temperature. And the question I ask myself is, “Why do I complain about something I cannot change given current circumstances?” I could move to another city but chances are I would find something I could do nothing about there and complain about that too. I like to focus on positive things just like the next person so complaining about things I can do nothing about is not only negative energy but also a waste of time. Research also reveals that focusing on events and things which we cannot control leads to depression, anxiety, and other things that I do not need more of. So today I will focus on what I can control:

  • gratitude for what is good in my life (like AC)
  • how I respond to events I cannot control
  • how I treat my health
  • how I communicate in all situations
  • how I spend my free time
  • what I do to serve God and others
  • all of my present thoughts


My goal daily is to be as healthy as I can be, including the way I respond to adverse events. Having gratitude, being present with the way I am communicating, managing present thoughts, and how I spend my free time all impact my health in a positive way. Today I will do my best to only focus on what I can change and that is me and me alone. Thankfully I will be doing so next to an AC and some fans. Stay cool my friends and only control what you can today, just you. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!


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