Our health is so complicated yet so simple. Years of research have shown that our health is more than just the food we eat and the exercise we get. The way we were conditioned to believe as children, income, education level, genetics, coping skills and even traumatic experiences in our youth all play a role in our health choices as adults. There are many other factors that affect our health as well. Current home and work environments, friendships, and even what we put into our mind with television and social media will greatly impact our long term health, according to research. So given all of this, how does a person that struggles with making the healthiest choice live in a healthier way? Here are some tips that I have found to work through research and experience.

  1. Become intentional with your health choices. Plan your exercise, how you will cope with daily stress, and meals for the day. Manage your life and your health instead of letting it manage you. Stick to the daily plan and start over each day.
  2. Have people in your life that are supportive and hold you accountable. It is so necessary for our own personal development and health to have people in our lives that can help us grow. This does not mean “haters” but instead have our best interests in mind. I love my circle who is there for me in an honest way and I would not have went back to college or have a business now without their guidance. I had to put hypersensitivity on the shelf and learn. Do what you need to do.
  3. Bring things into your mind that helps you to stay focused and motivated. Use social media, books, videos, and everything possible to plant seeds in your mind that cultivate you reaching your goal of good health and healthy life management. You can learn from people who have reached your goal, videos on resilience, and podcast that teach you how to work through life events differently. It is easy to lose focus if you have had long term struggles to make the healthiest choice. Stay in the game mentally by feeding your mind with good.
  4. Learn to believe in yourself. Many of us have perfected the art of not following through with things. Much of this is due to a lack of belief in yourself, especially when times get tough or challenges occur. You do have the skills to work through anything in a healthy way. Understand that life will occur and things will happen that will challenge us. Learn to work through the tough times and give full energy to how you can be successful in your goals.

If you have struggled at all to make the healthiest choice please know it is never too late. Whether you are 19 or 92, what you do from this day forward will matter to your other days. Do your best and learn from each day. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!



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