It is so important to exercise if you continue to struggle with food management, smoking, or other addictive behaviors. Moving the body is needed as a natural process of being a human, and the more we move the better off we will be. We are kinetic machines and genetically made for motion. Many of us continue to struggle with things like eating or smoking and if you understand addiction at all, you know it can be tremendously hard to just quit cold turkey. It is a process for some and learning how to manage life without our unhealthy coping behaviors can take a few tries. While you are learning to overcome those obstacles, please move your body with exercise. Resistance training and aerobic exercise will help to metabolize the unhealthy things from the body so you can stay as healthy as you can and lessen the impact you have on yourself and those who love you. And you do not have to do an insane workout programs or run marathons to see the benefit. Spending just 20-25 minutes a day of exercise will yield tremendous benefits. Please take care of yourself for yourself and those who love you. It will matter. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!

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