The Build Your Healthy Life Workbook

The “missing link” in health and wellness!

The Build YOUR Healthy Life Program helps people from all health and fitness backgrounds develop the skills to:

  • Cultivate a lifelong motivation to exercise
  • Create a permanent overall health focus
  • Control emotional, boredom, and compulsive overeating
  • Use exercise to manage ADHD, addictions, depression, and anxiety
  • Improve internal management to stressful external events
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle in unhealthy environments
  • Time management for your health
  • Eliminate past barriers to health goal achievement
  • AND MUCH MORE!                                                                            

Miracles of Phoenix Health Education Systems specialize in the teaching of evidence based skills for healthy lifestyle management. We have struggled so we understand. We have over 12 years of experience helping people reach goals of all levels. Our personal training sessions, workbooks, classes, and seminars has helped thousands of people overcome barriers and live healthier physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The programs and classes have been taught at major universities, gyms, behavioral health and medical facilities, churches, and at companies. Our mission in life is to show you how to BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!

Rebuilding Your Temple from the Inside Out

Honor God with healthy choices!

Rebuilding Your Temple from the Inside Out
combines evidence-based behavioral modification techniques and a “bigger picture” mindset to help you develop the skills needed to overcome lifelong unhealthy practices while honoring God at the same time. If you struggle with maintaining healthy nutrition and exercise habits, want to improve your health mindset and focus, become healthier for your family and closer to God while doing so, this book is for you. Rebuilding Your Temple From The Inside Out will help guide you on a process of self-discovery that will lead you to the skills necessary to finally overcome and manage emotional or compulsive overeating, coping with food, lack of motivation to exercise, and other unhealthy practices. Most importantly, you will learn how to honor God for the wonderful gift of this life with the healthy choices that you make.

To learn how you can overcome emotional eating, compulsive overeating, lack of motivation to exercise, and honor God through your health choices, click on the cover image to purchase Rebuilding Your Temple from the Inside Out from Amazon.

Your Health Is Your Wealth: Working Out the Inner Self for a Fit Outer Self

Your Workbook for Creating Effective Behaviors for a Healthy Weight!

The Your Health Is Your Wealth: Working Out the Inner Self for a Fit Outer Self  Workbook and Lecture Series is helping people across America achieve weight, wellness, and fitness goals with an extensive, in depth, and evidence based behavioral and lifestyle modification program. It has been called the “missing link” in weight loss and “the most in-depth program available for wellness change in America.” The program covers the following topics:

  • How we are conditioned  to relate to nutrition and exercise
  • Impacts on myself and others of both positive and negative health choices (cognitive and affective empathetic regard)
  • Internal and external controls relating to emotional eating practices, coping with food, and exercise motivation
  • Time management to improve nutrition and exercise habits
  • Skills and techniques to manage emotional eating and food as a coping response
  • Discovering your own exercise program
  • Managing the physiological side of food cravings
  • Nutrition at home, work, and social environments
  • Nutrition and self-talk
  • Overcoming boredom eating
  • Using exercise and nutrition in recovery
  • And more!

Obesity has recently been declared a disease by the American Medical Association and Binge Eating has been included in the DSM-V by the American Psychological Association. Behavioral modification is the leading long term treatment for obesity and binge eating. The class and book are receiving very high praise from fitness and medical professionals here in Phoenix. To inquire about ordering a book for individual use in your fitness journey for $10 off the cover price, take  your health and wellness education to a higher level, and/or receive information about scheduling the lecture series at your location, contact us at 602.989.1978, or e-mail