The Build Your Healthy Life Workbook

The “missing link” in health and wellness!

The Build YOUR Healthy Life Program helps people from all health and fitness backgrounds develop the skills to:

  • Cultivate a lifelong motivation to exercise
  • Create a permanent overall health focus
  • Control emotional, boredom, and compulsive overeating
  • Use exercise to manage ADHD, addictions, depression, and anxiety
  • Improve internal management to stressful external events
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle in unhealthy environments
  • Time management for your health
  • Eliminate past barriers to health goal achievement

Miracles of Phoenix Health Education Systems specializes in the teaching of evidence based skills for healthy lifestyle management. He has struggled and overcome compulsive overeating, addictions, anger, anxiety, depression, inability to learn, and negative outlook. His skill sets and experiences in life have made him an extremely versatile, nonjudgmental, and supportive personal trainer and life coach. He has a Master’s Degree in Counseling, is certified as a personal trainer, and has over 12 years of experience helping people reach goals of all levels. His personal training sessions, workbooks, classes, and seminars has helped thousands of people overcome barriers and live healthier physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. He has taught at major universities, gyms, behavioral health and medical facilities, churches, and at companies. His mission in life is to show you how to BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!