If you need assistance with exercise that is a safe and welcoming alternative, we can help! Our programs are specifically designed for people who struggle with gyms and are not athletes!


If you are just beginning your journey of health and fitness, Miracles of Phoenix Fitness is the best place for you. You’ll feel welcome, comfortable, and receive personalized, safe instruction in a nonjudgmental way.


If life has led you to seek out ways to lose 50 pounds or more, Miracles of Phoenix Fitness is the most qualified personal training company in Arizona to help you. We have struggled so we understand. The education process is research-based, leads the client to a different health mindset, and is extremely successful. The exercise sessions are safe and take into account where the client is physically, mentally, and emotionally. All programs are individually based!


Miracles of Phoenix Fitness will provide you a safe and effective workout at any age. We understand that hormones, goals, and fitness needs change as we age. After we pass age 55, what we do health-wise for the next 20-40 years will matter. We sincerely want to be a part of your long term health journey.


For years research has proven that exercise is a highly effective treatment for depression, ADHD, addiction recovery, and other disorders. We have the qualifications and programs to help individuals suffering from issues in life that will help each learn skills to manage life and the challenges we face in a healthy manner. We understand that support is important to any person, and we are truly passionate and honored to be that support for you!